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Through his unconventional and highly effective workshops and presentations, László's holistic approach helps participants to achieve inner balance and to listen more to their inner voice, skills and abilities, so that they can become more confident.

Live workshopS with Laszlo

Aligned Communication
workshop for your group

Not only between two people, but also within a group, a lack of proper communication can cause a lot of confusion. Nowadays, it is no longer enough to "just" listen to techniques, you need to hear what the other person is saying. The workshop will focus on how reaction can be replaced by shared understanding and thus progress.

Aligned Communication
workshop for the leaders

"Being a leader is always lonely." As a leader, you often find it harder to be honest with your employees. You have to keep a number of things up, both because others don't know what the solution is and because we get used to situations as we develop. The aim of the workshop is to support leaders to develop good communication with each other and with colleagues.

Building the Future
workshop for businesses

There is much debate about the future of business. One thing is for sure, the old ways of managing and communicating no longer work in this day and age. The future is full of uncertainties, but we must evolve. The past shows what happens if we do not change. But the future belongs to those businesses that stand out from the rest. Choose what makes your business stand out.

László was involved helping many people all over the world to remember who they are, and how to take the next step in their life with courage, compassion and confidence.

His programs are unconventional, in a way that the reality and spirituality is in the room at the same time, using western knowledge, eastern philosophy with proven techniques developed by top coaches, masters and teachers.

His approach is based on the belief that mastering your own life will help you all over the other areas, from personal life to business carrier. We must become masters of our own lives. In order to became successful leader, one has to become aligned person. His programs designed to take full authorship of our own lives, so that they are empowered to lead from the heart. Creating safe, supportive and confident environment both physically and mentally.

Below are László’s most popular programs most of which can be tailored to your specific needs and goals.

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