I am a consultant in the field of self- and personal development.

Laszlo Rem

The Creator of The Real Shifter© Programs
ThetaHealing™ Certification of Science | Master Instructor
Certified HeartMath© Mentor
Former Architect

László Rém, from residential area to international events, working with leaders for a more conscious future. 

I'm a father, son and friend with a very inquisitive nature, preceded by the soundbite titles.

I grew up in a residential area, like so many of us born in the late 70’s in the age of communism. It was an extremely important community because while we were getting on each other's nerves, we learned to live side by side. Many children grew up in small places at the same time, but we never felt it was a burden.

In '96, however, the space we had been living in changed. I had barely left the county before I was sitting in a car approaching the Austrian border, wondering why this had never happened to me before! Over the next two years, I got to know two countries besides our own. It was great to work with those people. But I had a promise that I was determined to keep. So I went back to university and became an Architect. Somehow the two things got mixed up. My travels ended and my career as an Architect, which lasted almost 10 years, began.

But at the age of 35 I felt that everything was falling apart. I was not fulfilled by the work. I didn't feel successful, I couldn't get on with colleagues or my boss. There was more and more friction and my health started to deteriorate. I was scared. What would happen now? With such a family record behind me, it seemed pretty clear that from now on I would have to live on medication for the rest of my life, travelling from doctor to doctor.

I had experienced breakdowns on several fronts. My profession in life was fizzling out. My health was in near ruins. My relationships became shallow at first and later I don't even know of what they became. In the background, I was reinforced by challenges that seemed almost impossible. Marriage at a young age, then divorce at a young age, messy divorce and even messier ex. I got into a business where I believed we were doing something right. The next 17 years showed me that this was a very naive idea. Failure, vulnerability and then lawsuits, some of which I failed.

Alongside these I thought it was impossible to change. That was the conclusion my mind came to. "What do you want? Change? Do something different? Do it all over again from the beginning? Come on! You don't mean that!" But on the other side of the scale, there was nothing. Because I didn't know what else to do. And then an important friend changed everything. I started asking questions to my own mind. To see if there was another way. But making the decision to do it differently was one of the hardest things for me.

In 2013, I started learning techniques that I could only somewhat embrace at 16. But I didn't think at the time that it would completely change my life. I've taken a lot of courses and I'm giving a lot of courses myself. But more importantly, I work with people.

In the last 10 years my life, my way of thinking and my vision of the future have changed radically. I have been to more than 25 countries. I have taught in quite a few. And we work with both domestic and foreign clients together. Mostly with people who are committed to their lives.

László Rém BIO

László Rém is the creator of The Real Shifter© Programs, a different approach from the usual methods, combining reality and spirituality, Western knowledge and Eastern philosophies with techniques proven by leading coaches, masters and teachers.

László is an advisory consultant, instructor and coach. A former Architect, he retains much of his engineering approach, while maintaining realistic common sense, working on the impossible with his international clients. He has helped many people around the world remember who they are and how to take the next step in their lives with courage, compassion and confidence.

His approach is based on the belief that mastering your own life will help you all over the other areas, from personal life to business carrier. The leaders of our lives must us. In order to became successful leader, one has to become aligned person. His programs designed to take full authorship of our own lives, so that they are empowered to lead from the heart. Creating safe, supportive and confident environment both physically and mentally.

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