ThetaHealing Basic DNA Seminar

What would you do first, if you could find and change those blocks, which are limiting you?

change your life! 

All big and long-lasting changes starts from inside

To find out who you really are.... that's something which isn't the among the easiest task to do.

As long as you asking, "Who am I?" you actually getting further from yourself. But let's start with why is it even so important? For many many years we - human, wanted to understand how we got here, and what's our purpose here. There are zillion's of answers and theories about that, but mostly we need those in order to make ourselves unique. Most specially more unique, than animals. And so far we took a huge leap of step, to prove "we are right!". And to understand ourselves, as individuals is part of this research. So maybe that's the most reasonable step in that process to ask, who am I?

Among many theories and answers we thought, we have something "higher", or more unique connection to a higher existence, than other living things. We started to add names to that. God, Source Energy, Allah, Giant White Light etc.  But what if, the question which usually come to this point, is "how can I connect to this energy?" - we ask differently? 

When did I believe I lost this connection?

I started about the question, "who am I?" but maybe the better questions would be, "what can I do?", "how can I do that?", "how can I create?". Let's play with that! 

In this 3 days of ThetaHealing Basic DNA seminar, we will talk about how can we understand, and how can we be prepared to have That connection in our everyday life! How can we understand and feel that connection, which connects all existence.  Let's understand how your conscious and subconscious part of personality are working! Let's have another point of view about your life, and life experiences! Than, you will be able to understand more about your existence, and how to change your life!

what is ThetaHealing Technique?

The ThetaHealing™ Technique was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995. The ThetaHealing technique is a meditation technique and spiritual philosophy – not specific to one religion but accepting them all – with the purpose of getting closer to the Creator of All That Is. It is a training method for your mind, body and spirit that allows you to clear limiting beliefs and live life with positive thoughts, developing virtues in all that we do. Through meditation and prayer, the ThetaHealing Technique creates a positive lifestyle.

Learn how to develop your intuitive abilities with ThetaHEaling!

Also learn how to use them

We have a lot of skills and competencies born with us that we are able to develop them. With the ThetaHealing technique, you can learn an extremely simple but strong meditation practice, that will make your consciousness available in an awake state. This is the state that helps us to see situations that we may carry on for years.

get to know the ThetaHealing Technique with he BASIC DNA SEMINAR

The ancient knowledge available to everyone in the present!


  • The seminar is open for everyone!


  • ThetaHealing® E - Book and ThetaHealing® E- Manual


  • 3 consecutive days


  • Both in Person and Online


  • The seminar will be thought in English.

The ThetaHealing Basic DNA Seminar allows you to understand in depth how our subconscious and conscious systems creates our reality, how they creates who we are, and how they"re limiting us to reach our true opportunities. We will discover how to replace the limiting believes of ourselves and others. We will learn how to reach fast the Theta state of mind. With Regular use of this technique, you can live the life you really want.

Welcome here!

Hi! I'm László Rém, ThetaHealing Certification of Science and Master Instructor and Consultant, working with ThetaHealing since 2013. But it is more important for these titles, that I'm working with people who have made it to the point where there was almost one or two steps left to make their lives as they dream. But there's something. Usually something which we might create more difficult than it is. 

My first goal is to help you, to get the control back over your life, and help you to remember who you really are!

you will DISCOVER IN 3 DAYS :

  • The story of ThetaHealing and Vianna Stibal
  • Presentation of the 5 main brain waves: Alpha, beta, Delta, Delta, Delta and delta
  • Developing intuition
  • Get to know the ThetaHealing technique to reach the Theta-brain wave and join the creation-energy that exists in all things
  • The energy reading of the human body
  • Energy testing
  • Learn how to change reality by changing the deep-stored beliefs and feelings
  • How to identify and change limiting beliefs
  • Learn how to find out, why do you have those limiting beliefs
  • How do we use this system to improve emotional, mental, physical and spiritual well-being
  • How to easily let go of old fears, anger, anger and rejected
  • Learn how to create healing with the Creator of All That Is
  • The power of the consciousness

get a better life!

I’ve been working with people more than 20 years, as an architect, as an entrepreneur and the last 7 years as a personal mentor –instructor.

And what I experienced, is even though we have so many different ways how we live our lives, there are common major purposes.
Being happy, successful, evolve, thrive, being here for something greater!

I’ve been doing few techniques since I choose to became full time in this area.
With achieving better life, you can achieve a different state of mind, where you will be able to recognize so much more, what is happening in your life!

  • Because better state of mind helps you to make better decisions.
  • Better state of mind helps you communicate better.
  • Better state of mind helps you to get back the position to be the director in your life!
  • And better state of mind helps you to achieve your goals too.

We’re living in the culture where we’re:

  • pushed to go further from each other.
  • Pushed to live a much faster life, where everything should be fast, and alienated.
  • Pushed to make choices based on other’s beliefs and fears.

This is the seminar about how to get a better life. Better understanding what you are capable to! Better understanding how your feelings, emotions and actions working. Both for you, and against you!

In this seminar you’ll understand how to connect to the Energy which actually creates you, your thoughts, your everyday life. But also, how your habits were born, and how to shift those you don’t like.

Eventually be on the path, to the life you deserve.

ThetaHealing Basic seminar goes online!
This is something really interesting, since Vianna Stibal is teaching this amazing Technique since 1995!
This is the new era, where we are able to share what we already experience and this is now online!

We have done this seminar before. Again, and again, because it works. This seminar is not just bunch of videos, you have to just sit and watch, but mostly its about working together. We have lots of information of course, designed to help you to understand the Philosophy of ThetaHealing, but there are lots of exercises, designed to help you to move forward.

All the details are in this page. I hope you’ll check them out!

IT’S time to have the life you deserve!

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  • The seminar is open for everyone!


  •  ThetaHealing® Book and ThetaHealing® Manual


  •  3 consecutive days


  • Both in Person and Online; for more information check the tile above!       


  • The seminar will be thought in English.


  • To register: A 50% deposit is required of the course fee (Non-Refundable; Non-Transferable) 


  • Total seminar fee ONLINE:                               USD 440 
  • Total seminar fee in PERSON:                         USD 520
  • Early Bird: (until 1 week before the seminar start):   USD 400
  • Repeat Fee*:                                                          USD 200 

*in order to repeat a seminar, you need to have a certification of that particular seminar.

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