The Real Shifter workshop

The Real Shifter
2 days Personal | Business
Development Workshop

where you will be able to recognize how to shift your reality with your mindset, through a personal understanding designed to help you reach limitless possibilities in a balanced and aligned state.

Being unlimited, we have the ability to shift certain methods and habits, allowing you to discover the life where you can use creativity, feel important, worthy, loved and supported.

To be The Real Shifter of your life

Is there anything you desire for either in your own personal life or for your business? Did you set up your goals, but due some unfortunate events they never arrived into your reality?

In order to have successful business and life, you need to be best leader possible. In this position you need to recognize few things. First of all, yourself, and the same as the best leaders, the person behind position. If it’s about yourself, you need to recognize and find yourself in all areas of your life.

Nowadays we need to face with some issues:

Issue 1 – 

too much information

 - in both ways. First of all, there are so much information around, sometimes it’s not the easiest to find the real suitable ones. And another issue is some of those information actually leads you to a totally opposite direction. So which one you should choose?

Secondly, that information is arriving from everywhere. Which is good in case of realising we are connected in different ways, but also can be really overwhelming if you can’t decide which ones to follow.

Issue 2 –

lack of resilience

Sometimes if you found something at last, it is really tough to turn towards other point of views.

Of course, in order to find out if something is working or not, you need to experiment for a while, but also there are more and plenty of working systems.

To avoid to becoming an endangered spices there are a suggested period, when we need to observe where you are in your life and where are you heading to.  

Issue 3 –

lack of actions

One main issue for a decent amount of people is procrastination, and non-taken actions.

You can meet the best system ever, if you don’t do anything in your life nothing will change. And this could be a painful realization.

If you are able to plan your steps towards your goals, and taking them, you can’t be in the same space anymore.

I believe there are always more and plenty of everything and we are able to use all of them, by becoming wise enough to see through illusions, limited thought forms and low vibrational feelings.

Master your own habits and BEHAVIOR

Everyone’s reasons are different to why we choose the way we live. As we discover this, we are able to bring possibilities in every area of life; from being an individual to forming and having a community. We have the ability to create a plentiful life.

Our brain is the most important processor to making decisions. However, understanding how this system really works, why we make the decisions that we do, we are able to shift our reality to having infinite possibilities and becoming truly unlimited.

“In order to understand yourself, your surroundings, your business, you have to be clear about certain things. Understanding how YOU are working is a good start!” – Laszlo Rem

Take back the lead role in your own life and business

Do you ever feel like you're not going through your things as they go?

There are plenty of options available, but sometimes too many can even become restrictive. When you go in one direction, another option might suggest the opposite.

The purpose of this workshop is to help you understand who you really are and to what extent you allow yourself the opportunities that are around you. 

You may have a well-functioning business, but do you have everything you can reach? You're in the middle of a change, but is everything taking too long to complete?  Do you wonder why that is?

Through out the 2-day workshop, Laszlo Rem and Dawna Campbell will show you a functioning system that will allow you to be able to find yourself as an important element in your life, that you have the ability to understand and the power to achieve real changes and results.

László and Dawna will present this system step by step, which you can easily and logically achieve a lasting change in every day.

In 2 days, you can feel the significant change that will affect your physical and mental wellbeing. In addition, by using the elements of the workshop, you can expand your own world.

Discover the The Real Shifter workshop

  • How your habits are creating your reality – and how to shift them.
  • How you are making your decisions through your Decision Making System – and be a leader in your life.
  • Know yourself better – and create better relationships with yourself and those around you.
  • Where is your focus is currently – and learn how to re-focus.
  • How to understand your goals and form new ones - through understanding yourself better.
  • How to train yourself to achieve those goals – by taking the right actions.
  • How to build an ideal mindset for yourself – or for your business.

The Real Shifter Workshop breakdown


Understanding and Recognition​​​​​

During the first day, we focus on understanding, recognition and investigation. First, we understand and investigate how we make our decisions through the Decision Making Process. Then, we recognize how we judge things and place value on that judgement, whether good or bad. Our habits affect our lives greatly, but there is an opportunity! If our habits don't serve us in the best way, we can replace them with something better to help you achieve your highest potential. 


focus and planning

With this awareness, we have the knowledge of understanding our lives. Regardless of the life area that you would like to shift your habits, the mechanisms are the same. If you are able to recognize the outcome you would like to create, then the right direction can present itself, and you will be able to achieve the best possible results. During the second day, we demonstrate and assist you in setting up the right focus, appropriate goals, and the creation of steps in the most beneficial direction.  The results will allow you to fully experience your creativity, feel important and valuable, and where you find all that you love. When we reach this level, you've shifted your reality and you will be able to attain more success in your life!

The Real Shifter Workshop includes

The Two Days The Real Shifter Workshop include:

  • 100+ pages manual
  • a Complimentary 30 min Personalize Private Session  - (which will be after the WS through skype or other application)
  • opportunity to meet other people and a possibility to join to an online support group

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