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Many times there's only one step away from success.

Some people really have a lot easier job to do than anyone else, or is there something they know and no one else?

Rém László / Laszlo Rem

ThetaHealing® Certification of Science - 
Master Instructor and  Practitioner
Certified HeartMath Mentor
építész tervező /architect


What happens when you face a task you've never met before?

What distinguishes average people from those who successfully live their lives?

Why is it so hard to quit a disease? 

Is it possible to reach a condition where everything is fulfilled?

Maybe. Sometimes the solution is a lot easier than we may think, but you gotta be careful. The first step is to get closer to ourselves. This move often collides with an obstacle in our subconscious mind. Let's call these Thought Patterns for simplicity. Some of these patterns are created in our lives. Based on the behaviour of the people around us, based on their messages, and many times, other’s thoughts can influence us too. In addition, we also carry messages in other parts of our bodies. Like our DNA.  

Is it possible to read these patterns? Yes. The Root of a problem that has been prolonged for years is very often possible to solve with 1-3 sessions. Since we are all different, there is no universal answer key for any task.

While we are working together, I support you to recognize those blocking thought patterns that belong to one task,
and replace it with something you will be able to find your way to a successful life.


gain clarity in your purpose

Get clear and focused on the goals and objectives that will radically change your life.

achieve a healthy body

With the sessions you will be able to find out, where and how you need to change your thought patterns in order to find the healthiest body as possible. 

become successful in your life

Master how to put your focus to the place, you really want to be.  


If you've gotten to the point where you've noticed, you're not on the road you want, but maybe you're not entirely sure which is the best direction for you or you want to change any of your life area, then contact me! We'll find a perfect time for both of us for a personal session.

The Session can happen personally or online (e.g. Skype, Viber).

Ready to change your life?



László Rém or anyone who shows up on this page has no medical education. We're not diagnosing. We do not prescribe any treatment or medicine or any other supplements. László Rém is an official ThetaHealing Certification of Science -  Master Instructor and Practitioner, HeartMath coach and Reiki Master. Keep in mind that everything that said in a session, treatment, course are suggestions! You have to make your own decision, which is your own responsibility! Everything that said in a session does not replace or overwrite any medical diagnosis, treatment.