Seminars in New Jersey

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Seminars in New Jersey

If we agree that things aren't happening exactly 100%-ly as they could go around you, we already have the common point for finding each other. We're all looking for opportunities to change our lives. Whether it's a meditation or an organization where you can send a donation, but if you want a real change in your life, you can't avoid action.

You've heard many times that the most basic part of change is yourself.

You can't change your neighbor's behavior, only through your own behavior. 

But that doesn't mean you have to deal with everything alone!

We dedicated our lives to show you that change is possible, and starting in you is a much simpler process than you think. It's possible to find a calm, balanced state where you define what happens to you and that around you. 

We'd like to introduce you to a two-week program with which you will be able to change the life of yourself, and other’s, if you choose to.

Join to our programs.

what is thetahealing

ThetaHealing® works on the subconscious level where the real truth lies, and removes the beliefs that are blocking us from what we want to have, be, and do. Those limiting thought patterns are then replaced with new positive ways to enhance what you want to create in your life. Some example of how ThetaHealing might assist you:

     Spiritual:           Aligning with your life purpose, path and direction
     Emotional:        Releasing trauma, abuse, and life patterns while increasing positive experiences and virtues
     Relationships:  Enhancing your current relationships, moving forward from divorce, finding your soulmate
     Physical:           Increasing your overall wellness, self-healing, and dis-creating illness
     Financial:          Attracting abundance, increasing financial stability, and manifesting techniques
     Children:           Creating harmony in the home and at school

Our thoughts and emotions can have a direct effect and impact on our emotional and physical well being, whether positive or negative. By utilizing the ThetaHealing technique, you can easily start creating an attainable miracle for your life.

Vianna Stibal - the founder - about thetahealing

Meet the Instructors of these seminars

Dawna and László are both ThetaHealing Certificate of Science; Master Instructors and Practitioners, but also founders of their own businesses, mentors in different methods, and not less importantly parents. Both left the corporate world and began studying about the subconscious mind and healing. After learning about meditation and mindfulness, they were looking for various techniques, in order to understand and experience how is it possible to re-train the mind, the body and create a different outcome. While they are teaching different techniques, they are also co-working with people with different backgrounds, as mentors, practitioners all over the world.

Dawna Campbell

Dawna Campbell
ThetaHealing Certificate of Science
Master Instructor and Practitioner

Dawna is a Master Intuitive Energy Healer who utilizes the ThetaHealing® technique to witness effective and fast change for others. Dawna has taught and shared this life changing technique with people all over the world and has an international practice. She has a unique ability to integrate ThetaHealing® into the corporate world, achieving success for employers and their employees.

László Rém
ThetaHealing Certificate of Science
Master Instructor and Practitioner

László was an architect for 10+ years, but he went after what he thought is right. He taught and shared techniques with people, which lead him to a life where he is able to support others to realize important things in life. Strength, abilities, balanced and successful life. In his international practice he is able to reach people all over the world, and also successfully introduce his experience both in the world of believers and world of rational thinkers.

ThetaHealing Seminars in New York

ThetaHealing Basic DNA Seminar

This is where your ThetaHealing journey begins. This is the first seminar to take to become a Certified Practitioner...

June 29 – July 1, 2019

June 29 - 30;  | from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
July 01; from | 4:30 to 10:00 pm

Standard Registration
Deposit: $444
Total: $740

Re-certify Registration
Deposit: $222
Total: $370

Prerequisites: none

More about Basic DNA  seminar

ThetaHealing Advanced DNA Seminar

This is the seminar to take after completing Basic DNA. Experience the in-depth and powerful digging and belief work that will change your life...

July 05 – 07, 2019

July 05 | from 4:30 to 10:00 pm
July 06-07 | from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Standard Registration
Deposit: $474
Total: $790

Re-certify Registration
Deposit: $271
Total: $395

Prerequisites: Basic DNA

More about Advanced DNA seminar

ThetaHealing Dig Deeper Seminar

Become Confident in the Digging and Belief work, one of the main concepts in the ThetaHealing Technique.

July 08 – 09, 2019

from 4:30 to 10:00 pm

Standard Registration
Deposit: $390
Total: $650

Re-certify Registration
Deposit: $195
Total: $325

Prerequisites: Advanced DNA

More about Dig Deeper  seminar

ThetaHealing Manifesting and Abundance Seminar

Learn to clear beliefs that are holding you back from manifesting in your life. Learn you can Create Your Own Reality...

July 11 - 12., 2019

from 4:30 to 10:00 pm

Standard Registration
Deposit: $390
Total: $650

Re-certify Registration
Deposit: $​195
Total: $325

Prerequisites: Dig Deeper

More about Manifesting seminar

ThetaHealing® is way to balance emotionally, physically, and spiritually to align what you know consciously with your subconscious to live the life you have always dreamed of.

Meditations - Manifesting manifestation

Learn a dynamic meditation technique that utilizes the alpha brain wave to instantly start creating your dreams into reality. Discover how meditation can assist you as a daily practice, even if you only have 10 minutes. Meditation has the ability to help focus and sharpen the mind, building a foundation to create new behavior patterns. In this meditation, you will have the ability to experience first hand meditation while being guided and coached along the way.

July 10;  2019 

From 7 pm to 9 pm

Standard Registration
by April 02 2019

Deposit: $50
Total : $80

More about this meditation

*This is not a ThetaHealing seminar.

Personal Private Sessions 

Schedule your private Theta Healing Session in person. Uncover your blocks and beliefs holding you back on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. Experience ThetaHealing today and unlock your hidden potential.

Enjoy a private ThetaHealing session with Dawna Campbell and László Rém during the seminars in New Jersey.

  • Instantly and effortlessly clear limiting beliefs!
  • Open yourself to limitless possibilities!
  • Increase your abundance in life, love and prosperity!

Standard Registration

Fee : $89 / 30 min

Fee : $170 / 60 min

information about the seminars

Cancellation policy: 

  • Please note that all Deposit fees once paid will not be refunded or transferred under any circumstances.
  • The Seminars Fee is two fees together. The first is the Deposit Fee and the second is the Instructor’s Fee.
  • The Deposit fee & the Instructor’s fee are separate and both need to be settled before the class date. This will ensure fast track door processing.
  • The Deposit fees covers the conference room, the refreshments during breaks, (lunch during seminars in the morning are not included OR included) manuals, books (in case the seminars have one)​
  • Please do not show up unannounced to make sure we can accommodate you.
  • No pets are allowed at the venue.
  • Registration time starts at 8:30 am on the first morning of every class or 4:00 pm on the evening classes. Student must be on time and present for the whole seminar in order to receive certification.
  • Re-certification: If you are trained as a practitioner in 2014 or before, it’s time to recertify. For recertification, the full Deposit fees applies and the Instructor’s Fees are different as follows: the original fees – 50%
  • You can apply for scholarship by sending an email to the Host.


Nor Dawna Campbell nor Laszlo Rem are a licensed medical profession or naturopathic Doctor. They do not diagnose.  Dawna Campbell and Laszlo Rem are trained in ThetaHealing. Keep in mind what you are told is a suggested course of action. You always have a choice in your direction and future. Any messages from the Creator of All That Is should never take the place of a medical diagnose, treatment, or professional medical advice.

ThetaHealing® ; THETAHEALER, the THETA HEALING shield logo and THInK/THETA HEALING INSTITUTE OF KNOWLEDGE are registered trademarks.