Change your life 

But you are not alone in that. 
Let me to help you to change your life, through your mindset, 
by a new understanding, that will have positive effect on every area of your life.

Do you want to develop your business?

Regardless of what area of business you're in, you need to find out who you really care about. You need to focus on to your customers, your clients, but you should put your focus on what team you work with. 

Find the balance, tools and opportunities to truly succeed.

Do you want to develop your personality and relationships?

Your personal relationships start with you. Do you live a life of full of success in every area, and even if it's so over used, but are you happy? The part you might miss is in the gap between your desires and your current reality. Find the connecting elements and live the life you want.

Welcome, my name is László Rém. I'm here to share with you how you can change your mindset so that you can reach your awareness and build your life according to it. 
I'm here to show you how this works!
Farkas Viktória

Nagyszerű élmény

Elképesztően izgatott is vagyok, mert olyasmit kaptam a Theta Healing megismerésével, amit konkrétan 20 éve kerestem. De most úgy érzem, nem is kell magyarázkodnom. Őrület, percről-percre változom... Hallottam, hogy ez így működik, de elég fura.

Bodor Emese


Egy olyan élmény volt számomra, amit emberi szóval nehéz elmagyarázni. Kőkeményen ENERGIA csere - áramlás volt.

Amy J. Hellman


Since the very first session, I instantly felt that he provided me with a safe and nurturing environment to explore my blocks and uncover space for my healing to progress easily.

Anita Fuchs

Egyre jobban zavart, hogy a munkám, nem tesz boldoggá

Laci személyisége, tudása lenyűgöző, minden szava aranyat ér. Teljes mértékben megbíztam benne az első pillanattól fogva, holott korábban még nem is találkoztunk személyesen.

Gy. F.

Tanfolyamok után...

Jelentősen változott a rálátásom a dolgokra és érzem, hogy egyre jobban alakul minden.

Learn and evolve with László RÉm

László was an architect for 10+ years, but he went after what he thought is right. He taught and shared techniques with people, which lead him to a life where he is able to support others to realize important things in life. Strength, abilities, balanced and successful life.

He teach ThetaHealing Technique since 2015, and in his international practice he is able to reach people all over the world, and also successfully introduce his experience both in the world of believers and world of rational thinkers.

Learn the ThetaHealing Technique and Philosophy from a ThetaHealing® Certification of Science - Master Instructor and Practitioner, which its the highest acknowledgement in this modality. 

The The Real Shifter workshop was born from a few years of research and cooperation with clients, which is a two days Personal and Business Development workshop.

"In this 2 days The Real Shifter Personal and Business Development workshop, you will be able to recognize how to shift your reality with your mindset, through a personal understanding designed to help you reach limitless possibilities in a balanced and aligned state. Being unlimited, we have the ability to shift certain methods and habits, allowing you to discover the life where you can use creativity, feel important, worthy, in joy, loved and supported." 

László RÉM'S blog

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Upcoming Events

may 2019

10may(may 10)16:3012(may 12)16:00ThetaHealing® Alap DNS tanfolyam BudapestBudapest Event Organized By: Rém László

17may(may 17)16:3019(may 19)16:00ThetaHealing® Haladó DNS tanfolyamBudapest Event Organized By: Rém László

21may18:0022:00Alkalmazottból Vállalkozó Lettem: Önmegvalósítás vs. PénzHi5

june 2019

14jun(jun 14)09:0015(jun 15)21:00Freedom X Budapest 2019 - Pénz & Siker - A két legfélelmetesebb cél workshopBrodyland - The Studios

21jun(jun 21)16:3023(jun 23)16:00ThetaHealing® Alap DNS tanfolyam SzombathelySzombathely Event Organized By: Rém László


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