...my job is not to prove my talent and achievements to you but to remind you how gifted and successful you are.

I believe that the Reality I’m living reacts to what I’m creating with my thoughts. Mind power: the power of thoughts has been an exciting issue to many and there are a lot of techniques dealing with exploitation of this creative power.

Why do thoughts and ideas matter so much? Is it really true that consciousness has greater implications than we’re aware of? We could also say that we are devices operated by a radio station. This station is capable of transmitting and receiving signals. Thought as a form of energy is such an emitted signal. 

Good news is that I am able to influence these signals and their transmission and receipt.

Welcome! I’m László Rém and I have created this website to share what I believe in.

If I have the same thoughts on my mind today as yesterday then I will perform the same actions and have the same feelings, emotions and experiences day by day. (In this way) My past becomes my future. 

I believe that this cycle can be changed and it is possible to create a brand/completely new future. In order to have a novel future, it is essential to examine and if necessary alter present thought patterns. However, in some cases t is enough just to pay attention to the thoughts emerging for a minute and transformation is made just by deciding if I devote them energy or not.

private session one on one

Private sessions are great opportunities to examine deep-rooted thought patterns relating to the relevant issue(s) where the consultant accommodates the client’s pace.

 As our way of thinking affects the achievement of our aims, it is essential to identify and change limiting beliefs/inhibitory factors. Different tools and techniques help us/provide us the opportunity to move/proceed leisurely or quickly.


Different collective ideas, shared beliefs and moral attitudes are looked at/investigated and transformed (on a larger scale) with a bigger group of participants during workshops where there is more energy devoted to practice than to theory.

Workshops deal with the following topics: profession, career, financial intelligence, human relationships, and other themes based on individual needs.

courses - seminars

Would you like to acquire complex practical and theoretical knowledge? The courses’ content, structure, and system provide logical and practical know-how that can be easily used in everyday life and participants can achieve instant and permanent/immediate and lasting success. After completing the courses, those who use the method will be able to manifest in their own life and support people around them with their own personal growth/individual development.

Amy J. Hellman


Since the very first session, I instantly felt that he provided me with a safe and nurturing environment to explore my blocks and uncover space for my healing to progress easily.

Amy J.H.

Safe and nurturing environment.

I have had the distinct pleasure and honor of having received a number of ThetaHealing readings and healings from Laszlo over the past year.

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