I'm an advisor consultant. In Personality- and self-development, just as in business development areas.

But it is more important for these titles that I worked and work with people who have made it to the point where there was almost one or two steps left to make their lives as they dream.

Rém László / Laszlo Rem

ThetaHealing® Certification of Science - 
Master Instructor and  Practitioner
Certified HeartMath Mentor
építész tervező /architect

Besides titles, first of all I'm a father, a boy and a friend. Besides, I’m naturally extremely interested and observant.

My journey started around 1996, when I first met things outside of my comfort zone. Until then, I was a stay-at-home kid, and it was almost suddenly the world opened up to me.  

Later, I became an architect and I worked with masters who showed me the human scale. No matter what the task was, the most important thing was the human factor. I think it was worth preserving.

When I was 35 years old, I felt like I didn't really care about what would really make me happy. However, the thought of change has come up with the expectations of perseverance, diligence, and " if you start something, finish it!"

I came to the point where I wanted to change, but at this age? Where? How? For What?

​Well, that change didn't go like a magic touch. I've met many obstacles, fears, frustration. Figure out what to do with myself... it was a nightmare. But after I made my decision to change a career I'm quite good at, change was inevitable.

I've been through a lot of training that's been placed on the alternative side by the majority of the people. Then I met a very powerful technique that's been part of my every day. 

I've been dealing with ThetaHealing® since 2013. I received the highest acknowledgement, Certificate of Science, Mater ThetaHealer and I'm working with the founders as an interpreter.

Since 2016 I'm also a HeartMath® Coach, mentor. 

Right now I'm working with people, both home and abroad, who are interested in developing their own personality. Those who are capable and willing to recognize themselves.

It was hard to go on this road, but I believe it was worth it!

Preparedly, everything seems easier, but I'll be on it when we work together, that you’ll see how much you're capable of making decisions that take you forward in your life. Whether it's your private life, your business, or any other area. 

On this side, I strive to share information with you that will be useful in your life that only you can live. But I support you with ideas, tools and advice if you decide.


For those of you who desire complex theoretical and practical knowledge, I will provide you with further opportunity.

The structure, the composition and system of courses provide a logical and daily level of knowledge to achieve immediate and lasting results.

After completing the courses, whoever uses the method will be able to create their own life and support with it those around them.

personalized sessions

Many times there's only one step away from success. Some people really have a lot easier job to do than anyone else, or is there something they know and no one else? 

If you've gotten to the point where you've noticed, you're not on the road you want, but maybe you're not entirely sure which is the best direction for you or you want to change your life area, then contact me!